Kyrgyz Ministry of Digital Development and German Logistics Association Discuss Cooperation in Digitalization and Logistics


The Minister of Digital Development of the Kyrgyz Republic, Nuriya Kutnaeva, conducted a meeting with representatives from the German Logistics Association BVL, Mr. Mirko Novak and Mr. Christoph Kroschke, to discuss the prospects of cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Germany in the realms of digitalization and logistics. Throughout the meeting, pivotal development plans of the Ministry of Digital Development and its affiliated entities, such as the joint-stock companies “Kyrgyz Post” and “Kyrgyztelecom,” as well as the State Enterprise “Infocom,” and the State Unitary Enterprise “Tunduk,” were presented. Emphasis was placed on the expansion of services and the digitization of governmental administration. In reciprocation, BVL representatives shared their expertise and projects pertaining to digitalization and logistics, encompassing initiatives such as the implementation of online car ordering systems and the development of tracking solutions. Discussions revolved around potential challenges and prospective resolutions within the domain of international logistics, alongside strategies for market expansion on an international scale through collaboration with local enterprises. Participants expressed optimism regarding the fruitful advancement of collaboration and affirmed their readiness to extend supplementary support and assistance towards the attainment of outlined objectives concerning digital transformation and the enhancement of logistical processes. It is noteworthy that this meeting transpired subsequent to the minister’s visit to Hamburg in November 2023 as part of an official delegation led by the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, A.U. Japarov.