Online registration in Public Services Centers is now available for foreign citizens without registration in the Tunduk app!


This innovation is aimed at improving the convenience and efficiency of citizens’ interaction with government agencies, as well as improving access to services for foreign citizens.
Now everyone who lives or is temporarily located on the territory of our country will be able to make an appointment at the PSC using their mobile devices, without having to register in the application. This will allow you to receive important government services quickly and without queues.

How to use:
1. Download the application “Tunduk”.
2. Open the “Services” section.
3. Select “Online PSC registration”.
4. In the window that opens, select “PSC registration”.
5. Fill out the form (full name, phone number, e-mail) and click “PSC registration”.
6. Select the desired PSC and service.
7. Specify a convenient appointment time.
8. Enter the confirmation code sent to your email.
9. Receive a ticket that will be added to the queue at the selected time.

Unauthorized users can only issue one ticket at a time. If you made a mistake when filling out the form, you will need to cancel the existing ticket before you can be issued a new one.
A new electronic queue system has been developed by SE Infocom at the MDD of the Kyrgyz Republic. The launch of a new function in the mobile application was implemented jointly with the State Institution “Tunduk” at the MDD of the Kyrgyz Republic