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1.Working hours of Public Service Centers?

Monday – Friday from 09:00 to 18:00, lunch break from 12:30 to 13:30.

2. Can you make an appointment at the Public Service Centers?

Yes, you can schedule a visit to the Public Service Centers in Bishkek (excluding Mini Centers) and Osh through the “Earlyone” mobile application. You need to download the Earlyone app from the Play Market or App Store, select the country (Kyrgyzstan), and choose your preferred language (Russian, Kyrgyz or English). Then, in the app, select the desired Public Service Center, date, time and service. The app will genereate a code and create a virtual place in the electronic queue system. When you arrive at the Public Service Center, you need to go to the electronic queue terminal and enter the code provided earlier in the app. You will receive a ticket, and your number will be displayed on the waiting room monitor.

It is necessary to arrive at the Public Service Center 20 minutes before the scheduled time. If a person is running late, the app provides the option to postpone appointment by 15 minutes.

3. Which Public Service Centers are open on the weekends, and what are their addresses?

In the capital, there are also Mini Public Service Centers:

  • Chingiz Aitmatov Avenue, 3, Shopping Center “Asia Mall”
  • Shabdan Baatyr Avenue, 41b, Hypermarket “Globus”

Working hours for Mini Public Service Centers: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00, with a lunch break from 14:00 to 15:00. Monday is not a working day.

 4. Where can I get a consultation?

By calling the short number 119, which is free to call for all mobile operators, you can contact information service of Ministry of Digital Development that operates from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00. There is a lunch break from 12:30 to 13:30, and it is not available on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can also obtain online information regarding the activities of the Public Service Centers across the country through official websites, where online consultants are available:

5. How to check the readiness of my passport online?

The readiness of your passport you can check online on the state portal of electronic services “Tunduk” under the service “Information about the status of readiness of the new passport”:

 6. What services can be obtained at the Mini Public Service Center in Asia Mall?

At the Mini Public Exchange Service Center, you can be provided with the following services:

– Passport exchange;

– Passport replacement in case of loss;

– Initial passport issuance if you have registered address in the database;

– Extract from the chip of the passport;

– Reissuance of the Personal Identification Number (PIN) if it is in the database.

7. Can a lost passport be restored at the location of application?

– Yes, if the applicant has a valid and permanent address registered within the territory pf Kyrgyz Republic.

8. Which services can be obtained via VIP-service at the Public Service Center?

For citizens’ comfort, VIP-service for expedited document processing is available at large Public Service Centers. The following services are available under the VIP-service: passport exchange, replacement in case of loss, and initial passport issuance. The cost is 888 som per passport (ID-card or national passport) for a single passport without bank fees. For two passports (ID-cards or national passports), the cost is 1031 som.

Registration of foreign citizens and registration of Kyrgyz Republic citizens are not available via the VIP lounge.

9. How and where a Kyrgyz citizen can obtain a certificate of non-marriage?

– A certificate of non-marriage can be obtained at any Public Service Center in the country and in the territorial departments. A citizen needs to provide only their ID-card (passport) to obtain the certificate of marital status.  Alternatively, if the citizen cannot be present, a notarized represent with an ID-card, power of attorney, and the applicant’s passport can apply.
The cost: 170 som; the service is provided within a maximum of 3 working days.

10. Is it possible to register a child’s birth through a power of attorney?          

No, registration of a child’s birth requires:

  • A statement of establishment form submitted by one of the parents, close relatives, or a territorial unit of the authorized state body for child protection.

11. How can foreign citizens and stateless persons, arriving in the Kyrgyz Republic, register online?

– To register online, you need to visit the website at the following link:


12. How legal entities can gain access to the “online registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons” website to register foreign citizens and stateless persons in non-residential or other premise?

Legal entities (e.g. dormitories, hotels, hostels) need to get access from Population Registration Department to register foreign citizens and stateless persons online, using the website ereg.e-gov.kg.

13. Which documents are required for legal entities to access the website for registering foreign citizen nad stateless persons in non-residential or other premises?

– For registration on the website, the following documents are required:

1.A cover letter addressed to the head of the Population Registration Department under the Ministry of Digital Development of Kyrgyz Republic;
2. A certificate of registration of the legal entity issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic (an electronic copy of the original in JPEG format);
3. Legal and actual current address of the legal entity;
4. Mobile phone number;
5. Information about the head of the legal entity (full name, PIN, and address of residence in the Kyrgyz Republic);
6. Power of attorney for the representative (an electronic copy of the original in the JPEG format);
7. Passport of the authorized representative (an electronic copy of the original in  the JPEG format);
8. Address of residence of the representative-authorized person;
9. The email address of the legal entity or the authorized representative;
10. A document permitting temporary residence of foreign citizens at the specified address in the technical passport that is responsive for technical, sanitary and other requirements for residence;
11. Technical passport of non-residential or other premises (an electronic copy of the original in the JPEG format).

14. Which phone number can be used to inquire about additional questions regarding the online registration of foreign citizens?

– For additional questions about the online registration of foreign citizens, legal entities can obtain additional information at the following phone numbers: 0990-00-13-58, 0312-38-00-98. And also at the Migration Department of the Population Registration Department under the Ministry of Digital Development of the Kyrgyz Republic located at 381 Zhibek-Zholu Avenue, 3rd floor, office 304, Bishkek. Additional email contacts:

aaitbaeva@drnags.srs.kg, gturdubaeva@drnags.srs.kg

15. Can I collect new passport of my close relative by presenting their old passport?

No, the passport of the 2017 model and/or general civil passport is issued personally to the applicant or their legal representative. When a legal representative applies on behalf of the applicant, they need to present a document preoving their identity and a notarized power of attorney confirming their authority.

16. How can I obtain a family composition certificate and a certificate of actual residence at the Public Service Center?

– Information about family composition and actual residence is provided through the Sanarip Aymak. To obtain this information, you need to obtain a cloud electronic signature at one of the major Public Service Centers or through one of the “Tunduk”, “Megapay” or “MBank” mobile applications. Afterward, you need to contact the Municipal Territorial Administration and register in the Sanarip Aymak system. Using the cloud electronic signature, you can then request a family composition certificate of actual residence through the Tunduk mobile application.

17. What should I do if I receive an “INVALID PIN OR PASSWORD” error when trying to login into the “Tunduk” system?

When logging into “Tunduk”, the system will first ask for your PIN and then request a password. Often, citizen mistakenly enter a six-digit Pin-code from the Cloud Electronic Signature received in their email. In fact, you need to enter ten-digit password, consisting of Latin letters, and symbols, which was sent to you via SMS. If you did not receive a password via SMS, you can create a new password using the “Forgot Password” feature.

18. When providing a digital format national passport through the Tunduk mobile application, banks and some other institutions do not accept it and require the physical passport. What can we refer to in such cases?

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministries of the Kyrgyz Republic dated November 18, 2022, № 637 “On Amendments to Some Decisions of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic”, a national passport, to which access has been granted in digital format through the “Tunduk” mobile application by a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic, has legal force and is equivalent to a nominal type of national passport in physical format.

19. Can a minor child obtain a Cloud Electronic Signature to obtain a certificate of residence through “Tunduk” mobile application?

Minors cannot obtain a certificate of residence or any other types of certificates. This is only possible when they reach the age of majority and obtain an ID-card (passport).

20. Which documents are required for residence registration?

– Applicant’s passport (original);
– Document serving as the basis for the applicant’s residence in the dwelling  (sale/purchase contract, donation contract, a statement from the person providing the dwelling, or any other document) or its duly certified;
– Passport of the owner (original);
– For those liable for military service (conscripts) – a military ID (certification of registration in the military service) with a note on removal from military service at the place of residence and registration at a new place of residence;
– The presence of the applicant and the owner is mandatory! If the owner cannot be present for any reason, a notarized consent of the owner for permanent registration is required.

Note: Registration of Kyrgyz Republic citizens at their place of residence is carried out without deregistration from the registration at the place of residence.